My virtual aviation journey began in 2006 when I first delved into the world of Virtual Aviation. As a passionate enthusiast, I successfully completed ICAO-based theoretical and practical exams, earning me the title of a virtual pilot and air traffic controller. Recognising the value of virtual aviation as a training tool for real-world aviation, I embarked on a mission to share my expertise and experiences with others.

Over the years, I have been actively involved in virtual aviation, specialising in various aircraft models such as Cessna 172, Beechcarft Baron 58, Boeing 737-800, and Airbus A320, A330, A340 series. Through my website,, and various schools, I have provided private lessons, simulator-aided pilot training, and guidance on private pilot level to airline transport pilot level, and type-specific training. Notably, I had the privilege of teaching at the renowned Middle East Technical University, Department of Aerospace Engineering, providing the country’s first university-level Flight Simulation Training.

To enhance the accessibility and knowledge dissemination in the realm of virtual aviation, I authored the “Sanal Pilot” (Virtual Pilot) book. Published in 2014, it became the first and only virtual aviation book in Turkish, and the fifth worldwide. The book, with its 250 pages and original visuals, aims to transform aviation enthusiasts into virtual pilots by offering a comprehensive guide to the world of virtual aviation. It covers essential topics such as the concept of virtual aviation, software and hardware requirements for aspiring virtual pilots, installation and settings of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and parallel training to private, commercial, and airline transport pilot licenses, including air traffic control. The book caters to aviation enthusiasts of all ages and provides a valuable resource for individuals preparing for real pilot training or seeking to enhance their aviation knowledge. With its unique blend of simulation and aviation knowledge, “Sanal Pilot” fills a crucial gap in Turkish aviation literature.

The significance of virtual aviation extends beyond its entertainment value. It serves as a powerful tool for introducing aviation to a wider audience, preparing individuals aspiring to become pilots or air traffic controllers, and allowing those with unfulfilled dreams of pursuing aviation due to health or financial constraints to experience their passion through virtual platforms. Moreover, virtual aviation instills valuable skills, discipline, and perspectives, particularly among students in secondary and higher education. As the founder of the Sanal Havacılık Akademisi (Virtual Aviation Academy), I am committed to promoting and advancing virtual aviation. The academy aims to raise awareness of aviation, prepare individuals for professional training, help aspiring pilots and air traffic controllers realize their dreams through virtual aviation.

In addition to my book and teaching endeavours, I have further expanded my reach through online platforms. I offer a 4.5-hour course titled “Introduction to Virtual Aviation” on, catering to over 5,000 students from 53 different countries. This course covers aviation history, physics, meteorology, aerodynamics, air traffic control, and simulation software, providing a comprehensive introduction to virtual aviation. Through these initiatives, I strive to make virtual aviation accessible to a broader audience, inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts, and bridge the gap between virtual and real-world aviation. For more information about my virtual aviation endeavours, including my book, courses, and teaching activities, please visit my website at (in Turkish).