Virtual Aviation Training offers a unique opportunity to experience the thrill and intricacies of real aviation through state-of-the-art flight simulation software. From mastering the controls of various aircraft to understanding aviation procedures and navigation, these trainings will take you on a comprehensive learning adventure.

By taking virtual aviation training, you can gain practical skills, experience the joy of flying, have a recreational hobby, and connect with a community of aviation enthusiasts. Whether you’re pursuing a career in aviation, seeking recreation and relaxation, or looking to enhance your cognitive abilities, virtual aviation training offers a host of benefits that may positively impact both your professional and personal life.

Introduction to Virtual Aviation (Online Course)

I offer a comprehensive 4.5-hour course titled “Introduction to Virtual Aviation” on This course has already reached thousands of students worldwide, providing them with a solid foundation in aviation history, physics, meteorology, aerodynamics, air traffic control, and simulation software. It’s the perfect starting point for anyone interested in exploring the world of virtual aviation.

What Aviation can Teach us about Research?

Research and aviation fields have more in common than it looks. Both occupations have some similarities in terms of the cost of error and safety design. What about an interdisciplinary approach to this similarity? What can aviation procedures and philosophy teach us about safe and efficient research?


  1. Commonalities between aviation and research
    1. Compartmentalization/safety
    2. Cost of Error
  2. What we can learn?
    1. Instrument Scanning
    2. Practical Checklists
    3. Crew Resource Management
  3. Questions

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